Do not underestimate the Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume that you send to the companies you want to work in. Your resume is your ambassador since the company you are applying to is choosing candidates to be interviewed based on their resumes. That is why it is important to make your resume not only tells who you are but also stands out among hundreds of other resumes. Here are tips to make outstanding resume that able to raise interest of the company so that they will invite you for an interview.

  1. Choose a job that suits your with background and work experience. Make sure that you meet all the desired criteria. 
  2. Submit your resume as early as possible. Do not wait until the last day of application submission limit.
  3. Choose design and layout of your resume that allows people to read easily. Use a combination of bold, italic and underlined types so that your resume will not look boring, but at the same time it still looks neat. Use a font that is readable. If you apply for a job in creative industry, ‘the look’ of your resume is the first thing that they will assess.
  4. For the header section of your resume, put your name, address and contact number. Write a rather large letters and select a different font than the other section of resume. Design it in a way that your name and contact number will be clearly readable.
  5. Recheck your resume. There must be no typo in it.
  6. Ensure that all your contact numbers and addresses are correct and not mistyped.
  7. Use color to make your resume look more attractive. While most companies will print the resume you sent in black and white, but an attractive and colored electronic resume will make your resume looks different. But in other hand, overdoing using color in your resume will make you appear unprofessional.



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